Friday, April 24, 2009

Geico scolded me for not doing THEIR Job

Sometimes I wonder where businesses get off!! Geico doesn't want to pay my medical so they are telling me to call State Farm to tell them that they don't want to pay the medical. Jeeze! Geico didn't even care that I had an accident until it turned out that State Farm claimed that Geico has to shell out the first three grand in medical. Anyway, Geico called State Farm because I said I wasn't dealing with it until Monday. (I was in the middle of emptying out my totaled car when Geico called).

Anyway, I am in Boulder now, tired, stiff. Trying not to take painkillers because rebound can be just as painful. Not comfortable driving at all, my neck and shoulders feel like the Borg took over and turned me into a robot that has rusty joints.

Got some much-anticipated mail and an order from the Amazon Herb Company - Illumination and Fiberzon Plus, which I am going to take right now.

I hope I sleep well.

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