Friday, April 24, 2009

Message from my friend Pamela

Geordie and Holly,
All all all of what you wrote is Spectacular. It inspired this immediate response.

a poem: writ now.

How long,how far our minds do (th) wander
escape of what we think we know.
How oft.(en) we (in) sist it be what IS.

What we do, come, be to alter, question conscious mind
the 'Western World'...
Is it not crux, a crutch,es-cape, a-void, a use of time and place,...sustance.

when are we?

are we not one
are we not them
are we not us
are we not the very things that keep us tied in place
assigned one space
One by one, in step, to make a time we think we
When cringed in fetal curl which then reveals no bound or bond
of heartbeat,sinew,cell we ooze
to what we think we know.

pg...4/24/09 new moooooooooon

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