Holly bases her yoga classes on compassion, beginning with compassion for the Self. She carries in her heart (and soul) a lesson from her first yoga class, “There is no competition here. Where you are today is where you need to be. You are already perfect.”

Living in the fast-pace of New York City, and working in the highly competitive world of art and music, Holly soon realized that yoga not only helped her back and body to feel good, but that it helped her let go and stay calm, grounded and refreshed. What a relief!

Holly began seriously practicing at Jivamukti Yoga in 1994 where Sharon Gannon and David Life were among her teachers. In 1996, she completed Yoga Teacher's Training at Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center. Since then, she taught hatha yoga sporadically in New York City while working, performing in a band, and finishing school. As of June 2008, she has been teaching several classes a week in Flagstaff, Arizona.

In conjunction with yoga, Holly is interested in exploring healing through writing and the creative process. She believes that everyone is innately creative, and, if given a nurturing space to explore, may uncover long-forgotten talents or discover new ones. She enjoys combining her healing and creative work with a sense of playful curiosity, relaxation and fun. She calls this joyful openness to possibility "Sacred Folly".

For the 2009 Flagstaff Yoga Festival, Holly led a workshop combining movement, sensory stimulation, and writing called Journaling through the Chakras. She intends to offer an extended version of the workshop soon. She says, "Yoga opens so many doors. As we become aware of our bodies, creative self-expression is limitless." She has also released a meditation CD called Journey Through the Chakras.

The best thing Holly loves about yoga (and any creative work) is that she never stops learning. Yoga is a slow and steady path – she looks forward to the lessons taking lifetimes.

"When I practice yoga, physically I feel great, mentally I am clear, emotionally I have a light heart, and spiritually I am at peace. Yoga has been one of the joyful gifts in, for, and of my life."

Holly holds a BA in Creative Writing and Art from Hunter College at the City University of New York, and is currently working toward a Masters in Sustainable Communities at Northern Arizona University. Her work has been published in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Night Train, Earth's Daughters and Creative Essence Magazine.

For more information, contact Holly sacredfolly@gmail.com Website: SacredFolly.com