Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back in Flagstaff! Phew!

I am at a place of re-invention once again.

Utah was not a place for me, not even for a week and a half. Even my this-will-be-an-interesting-experience adventure self said, "Run, Lady! Run!" And I didn't run fast enough! I said to myself, "Ok, give notice and stay 'til the end of the month," but the powers that be had other plans and I met head-on with the town patriarch via my little gray Taurus and his 65 Chevy pick-em-up truck when he came barreling around a corner on the wrong side of the road.

Closest body shop - three hours away. Closest doctor that I trust - 7 hours away. Whiplash, owee. Healing. Insurance companies battling out who will pay. The other driver was found at fault but Utah has weird laws. I'm trusting it will all work out.

I realized that I would not be doing what I enjoy up there. Got clear about a few things that I want:

Teach yoga - more training at the end of May
essays - memoir, chakra work
book tour!
Have a beautiful home with my boyfriend
Travel - be in warm places in the winter
Be more assertive with the Amazon Herbs - they are really excellent
Create workshops and travel with them
Reiki - practice and teach
Get clear and get out of town often (at least once a month to every 6 weeks)

I am also thinking about learning to teach pilates and am interested in Ayerveda and Acupuncture.

I cannot afford to circle around what I want to do any longer. Full-time job at Northern Arizona took too much of my creative and physical energy. I am going to do more yoga at Mountain Waves for now, and am looking in to other ways to teach more.

I've been welcomed back warmly - even though I've only been gone for about two weeks, it felt like two years.

Right now, no teaching. Doctor's orders. I'm just basically healing and going to the doc for treatment every day. By mid-May, I'll be back.

I am now living with my friend Lisa. It's good. She is close to town, and, I may only have a bike to ride for a while!

Randy is in Tucson for I don't know how long. That's the nature of his job right now. I saw him last weekend. It is always wonderful being near him, though I didn't feel like i was completely there because I was dealing with so much pain. I hope I get to see him again soon.

Saw Stephanie, Linda and Becky today. It was good to see my girls!

Tomorrow I must go back to Utah and deal with my car and get the rest of my things from the Big House in Boulder. That will take a couple of days.

I suppose some day I will write a story about my experience, right now I'm thanking my lucky stars for my life and loving friends.

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