Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1. 2.4.09 I love . . .

I figure at this point, with all the bad news day after day, I need to be thinking about what I love again, or I am going to sink.

i love randy, i love the sunset, i love the way the clouds turn orange at sunset, i love riff raff, i love magenta and their cute meows – even when they get loud, i love that randy moved all the way out here to be near me, i love yoga and the way it makes me feel, i love writing, i love poetry, i love literature, i love birds, i love watching the ravens play and talk with one another, i love being free, i love going for walks, i love fresh air, i love hiking, i love biking, i love having fun with my girlfriends, i love reading, i love music, i love singing, i love listening to guitar, i love making dinner and dancing with my darlin’, i love being alone and being with people, i love the desert, i love food, i love healthy food, i love tucson, i love the sonoran desert

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