Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Love 2.2

I love that there are clouds in teh sky. I love that I went on two really long and beautiful walks with Randy this weekend. I love salads. I love that ZRandy and I help each other with cooking and cleaning. I love Randy. I love the mountain bike ride I went on this Friday. I love that my body aches in a good way from exercising. I love that I also got to rest this weekend. I love coffee shops that are kind of dark and not too bright and commercial. I love coffee even though I am gign to quit drinkingn it someday. I love my room mates, Anthony and Stephanie. I love Arizona. I love the San Francisco peaks! I love feeling healthy and strong. I love the Amazon Herb Company. I love reiki. I love having a plan and then seeingn where it takes me.

*The photo was taken by Lorraine Elder

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