Sunday, July 13, 2008

Aquazon, Recovazon, Sumacazon, Rainforest Tea Testimonial

Part of learning about the herbs is hearing other people’s stories. I like collecting these testimonials.

My story starts almost six years ago when I was pre-diabetic – my blood sugar was out of control. I was lethargic and all my joints hurt. I didn’t have any energy and basically all the negative thinking that one could possibly do – I did.

So I was a couch potato – with one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave – and my attitude was that I didn’t care if I lived or died because I didn’t feel good. My children and life were passing me by because I was so tired and sick all the time. And then one day one of my friends recognized I wasn’t my normal self and asked me what was wrong. I basically said I was in pain and didn’t feel good. Several times he asked me to go places with him and I was too sick and tired to go. That’s when he gave me some Treasure Tea – brewed it up – and put it in my refrigerator . I started drinking it – he also gave me Recovazon, Sumacazon and Aquazon . I started taking the herbs and within a week (NOT really knowing it was the herbs) I started feeling better. Within two weeks I was out in my yard building fences, installing water systems, installing a driveway and working in my rose garden. I recognized that all my knee pain had gone away – it was all at once that I realized my energy had come back 10-fold! So I asked my friend WHAT IS THIS STUFF? He told me it was Amazon Herbs from the rainforest. I signed up and have taken the herbs ever since.

I have ZERO pain in my body – from head to toe – even my gum/teeth problems healed. Amazon Herbs gave me back my life. Also, all the new great and like-minded people I’ve met have given me a new lease on life!

I’m in my children’s lives again and have as much energy as I had in my 20’s. I’ve educated myself on the herbs and how they work and have made a lifetime commitment to Amazon Herb Company.

Jonathan Cohen
Composer of “Amazon John” Song
Potter Valley, CA

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