Monday, July 7, 2008

I Love 1.2

I love how it smells outside now that monsoon season has started. I love that the clouds are so colorful and big. I love the mountains behind my house. I love that my boyfriend let me sleep in on Sunday, even though I said I wanted to get up at 8:30. I was tired! I love that I have such cool room mates. I love my girlfriends. I love Randy. I love his big blue eyes – they’re so expressive. I love Randy’s new place. I love the ceiling fan in his room. I love riding my bicycle. I love yoga. I love that I’ve been doing yoga several days a week now. I love that I am teaching yoga to Randy. I love that he shares his ideas about sustainability and diet and hiking with me. I love how encouraging so many if the people in my life are.

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