Tuesday, December 8, 2009

was gonna go to bed and sleep

Now I typing this instead. I have six more days in Flagstaff, and for four of them it looks like snow. I am getting ready to go to Miami and then New York and New Jersey. I'll be traveling for 2 months. I come back to Arizona in February to wrap up a workshop and then I don't know where I'll be. All that I know is I will be joining my sweet man wherever he has steady work - that may be Omaha, it may be Charlotte, Tucson, or Southern California. I might not be any of those places.

Saying good-bye to dear friends here. Slowly. This whole move has been a long time coming - and, I'll actually be coming back here to get my things. I'll see my friends again, too, I hope. I am going to miss Stephanie. She and Anthony have been guardian angels.

Flagstaff has been a place for me to get grounded. I feel like I am just beginning to get back to who I am. Feeling the need to create coming back, to sing and to paint and to write. I've been asleep for almost a decade. I am waking up.

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