Tuesday, December 8, 2009

From the Energetic Body to the Page: Discovering the Self ~ Part 5: Chakra 2

continued from 12/07/09

Chakra 2: Svadhistana ~ Sweetness • Desire • Power of Relationships • The Right to Feel • Water

The 2nd chakra is where kundalini release begins - orgasm, exercise (movement, fluidity), and creativity. This is where we begin to put ourselves out to the world - we take what we experience and reflect on it. We move beyond the tribe. We like to make things, and push boundaries and we develop our unique "taste" for things.

There is a push and pull with the 2nd chakra. It is where we develop our sense of personal identity, and at the same time it is where we develop our relationships. It is through relationships that we become conscious of who we are. Every relationship, whether casual or intimate, has a lesson for us. The 2nd chakra is our ethical center, where we develop our sense of honor, where we make choices creatively, sexually, and emotionally. This is where our emotions begin to move, and where we need to be fluid enough to let them inform us so that we may continue expanding our consciousness. This is where we must balance fear and faith, control and chaos, creativity and finances.

Prompt: Think back to when you were 5 to 8 years old. Did you have a friend that you loved? What was that friend like? How did it feel to relate?

to be continued . . .

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