Monday, July 14, 2008

I love 2.3

I love my room mate, she’s so cool. I love Randy! He was so happy today – it was his first official day of work! Wow! He looks HOT when he is happy. I love yoga, had some great stretches and asanas that I will incorporate into my class tomorrow. I love feeling good. I love arugala/pear quesadillas! I love chatting with Steph about work and the world. I love riding my bicycle. I love the rain. I love the sunset tonight – the clouds were incredibly beautiful. I love french fries when they’re home made. I love beans. I lvoe home made meals. I love beauty. I love the cool flowers that grow in teh desert during monsoon season. I love how this place still leaves me in awe. I lvoe hpw I can go for a hike in my back yard and feel like I’m some place very far away. I love how nature gives me a mini-vacation on a daily basis. I love the smell of pine trees after it rains!

picture of a very happy Randy attached!

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