Wednesday, May 28, 2008

43. I did it

  • I love that I have been able to list what I love everyday for the last 43 days, pretty fun. I love that I feel good and positive today, and full of energy, that it’s sunny out, that’s it’s finally warm outside. I love that I rode my bike last night for over an hour. I love that my work day is about half-way over. I love Alan Watts. I love intending to live my life with a sense of play and freedom. I love having fun. I love FUN! I love making my days fun. I love teachign yoga. I love that I am taking a yoga class tonight. I love that I can share what I know about yoga and herbs and health. I love sharing. I love that I am enjoyingthe present and looking forward to the future. I love Family Guy and American Dad. I love music. I love meditating.

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