Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Quit the Corporate World

The life was being sucked out of me to the point where I was physically ill! I was going into work everyday with knots in my stomach-at 35 years-old I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. (easy explanation-an ulcer in my large intestine due to stress)

I said, “No more! I’m not living like this!”

It can be done. My experience was that it was an addictive cruel world. I got out.

I opened my heart and took a giant leap. Focusing on what I love really helps. Not putting my faith in money is key.

I realize(d) that I know what’s best for my heart and soul; my body and my spirit have been telling me my whole life. It’s about tuning in and listening.

Yeah, what do I love and what makes me happy? I ask myself that everyday.

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