Thursday, April 17, 2008

lovin' 3

  • I love my room mate’s cat, he’s snuffin’ around my room
  • I love yummy dinners that I’ve made myself
  • I love kissing and snuggling
  • I love the moon
  • I love that it’s almost full
  • I love that it’s Thursday
  • I love that I have a whole slew of ideas for my workshop
  • I love ramblin’
  • I love my friends back east and I love my friends out west
  • I love that I have many friends yet to meet
  • I love that I am free
  • I love Ama
  • I love Saraswati, Ana, Wanagi Wi, Dany, Chris, Randy Randy Randy
  • I love Quan Yin and Buddha
  • I love that I can take a hot shower whenever I feel like it

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