Monday, March 31, 2008

Flag Update for 3/31/08

Happy April Everyone!

Quick note saying hello. I've been extremely busy these last couple of weeks. I've been gearing up for my workshop (or as my friend Robert would say, "playshop"), been very busy at work and trying to get a promotion (important because there is pretty much a salary freeze happening at NAU), I taught a yoga class, and I'm jumping through a few final legal hoops to freedom.

Here's a description of my workshop:
I have been taking notes and researching like this is a dissertation. Then I have to take all of that info and distill it down to a couple of hours of activities that will hopefully be fun.

Another cool thing that's happening is on April 2nd, 8pm, on a PBS station near you!~ "Return to the Amazon"--a 2-part series by Jacques Cousteau's children, Jean-Michel and Celine will feature the rapid changes that have happened in the Amazon over the last 25 years (not all of them so good) The cool thing is, the Amazon Herb Company is featured in the series as one of the businesses that is helping to save the rain forest! It feels good being part of a solution rather than the problem. I remember being fascinated by Cousteau's "Ocean Adventures" when I was a child--so this is extra-cool for me.

If you want to know more about the AHC, contact me or go to my site at

Ok, for my last commercial, one of my poems is up on the web and will be released in print at the end of the year in Night Train magazine.

Spring has sprung here. I hope it is springing wherever you are. (Vanessa, I hope your autumn is beautiful)

Lots of love and peace and beauty and joy and health and prosperity!

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