Thursday, March 27, 2008

3. Love

I love that I am probably going to be asleep tonight before 10 pm.
  • i love that i am going to be teaching yoga on Saturday—even though I am a little bit nervous about it.
  • I love that I can list what I Love.
  • I love my roommates, I love their cats
  • I love Randy
  • I love that I can chat with my boss and make her laugh
  • I love that I work for a college right now
  • I love that I am learning how to manage my money
  • I love the short walk I took with the dogs
  • I love the bike ride to work I had today
  • I love the ride ride home, too
  • I Love that riding will make make lungs and legs stronger
  • I love that I could ride up hills
  • I love that I am blissfully sleepy and will be going to bed very soon
  • I love that I am going to have special company in 4 days!
  • I love having things to look forward to
  • I love getting out of bed in the morning
  • I love sun salutations
  • I love the cool air here—fresh

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