Friday, May 28, 2010

4th Chakra Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves (reposting)

I originally sent these out to my chakra writing folks while we were in between the 4th (heart) and 5th (throat) chakras.

I think these questions are important, so I’ve added them. Shoot, why not? They are icing on the cake, but be warned, the cream is heavy.

These bonus questions come directly from Caroline Myss’s book The Anatomy of the Spirit. They are her 4th Chakra “Questions for Self-Examination”.

Here goes:

1. What emotional memories do you still need to heal?

2. What relationships in your life require healing?

3. Do you ever use your emotional wounds to control people or situations? If so, describe them.

4. Have you ever allowed yourself to be controlled by the wounds of another person? What are your feelings about letting that happen again? What steps are you prepared to take to prevent yourself from being controlled that way again?

5. What fears do you have about becoming emotionally healthy?

6. Do you associate emotional health with no longer needing an intimate relationship?

7. What is your understanding of forgiveness?

8. What are the people you have yet to forgive, and what prevents you from letting go of the pain you associate with them?

9. What have you done that needs forgiving? Which people are working to forgive you?

10. What is your understanding of a healthy, intimate relationship? Are you willing to release the use of your wounds in order to open yourself to such relationships?

Peace and love!



RKSmith67 said...

I must admit that I don't visit your blog very often...but I'm glad I did. Good questions that deserve my answers in order to clean house, weigh anchor(s) and keep sailing!


holly troy said...

Excellent! It would be interesting to see what you come up with.


Kal said...

Hey, I like your chakra questions for the heart chakra. I often feel that some of these are appropriate for the sacral/emotional chakra too, what do you think?

A good heart chakra question to ask is "how are you expressing self-love?"

Love and light Kal

holly troy said...

Hi Kal,

That's an excellent question! May I share?