Friday, December 4, 2009

From the Energetic Body to the Page: Discovering the Self ~ Part 1.

From the Energetic Body to the Page: Discovering the Self

We live in exciting times. With so much change happening — politically, economically, and ecologically — many of us need to reinvent the ways in which we view the world and live our lives. We are not alone in transition, it is happening all around us.

Now is the time to (re)discover who we are, a time to re-imagine our selves, our relationships, our communities, and our planet. Now is the time for deep healing. Now is the time for radical self-acceptance, for embracing our original selves and for taking joyful responsibility in our individual and collective evolution.

Being who you truly are may sound like a tall order, and for many of us it is. We have spent our lives bending to the will of institutions that are proving to no longer work for us. We are bombarded daily with images of how we are “supposed” to be, what we’re “supposed” to look like, “supposed” to wear, eat, drink and be attracted to. The news glorifies fear, violence, and chaos rather than love, peace, and creativity. Basically, the message is that we need to conform, and if we don’t, we’re doomed.

I am proposing you let that message go and realize that your unique existence is a gift!

So, who are you? Are your relationships life-affirming? What are your passions? Are you engaged with your community? Are you able to see yourself as a being on this planet who is here to learn and share and grow with other beings on the planet?

to be continued . . .

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