Sunday, November 1, 2009

One thing to do if feeling blue

Been feeling blue: part of it is astrological I think, part of it is me missing my boyfriend, definitely dreading the winter (somehow I always think I am going to enjoy it like girls in brightly-colored knits in sports catalogues - having the right gear can certainly help, but somehow that Vail Ski Bunny theme/experience hasn't panned out for me), and being around some crazy people lately.

So, something that has helped me time and again. Write what I love for three minutes everyday. So, here goes:

I love watermelons (I used to not love watermelons), I love the color of the sky at sunset, I love fresh air, I love the ocean, I love Randy, I love stories that take place in the mid-west, I love lettuce, I love rice, sunflower seeds, and lentils all cooked together, I love bananas, I love how I feel when I practice yoga everyday, I love how I look when I practice yoga everyday, I love to write, I love singing, I love performing, I love painting, I love poetry, I love kisses, I love my friends, I love my coffee cup, I love the sound of birds singing, I love raccoons, I love apples, I love apples and cheese, I love mozzerella and basil and olive oil, I love olive oil, I love tomatoes, I love organic tomatoes, I love cooking dinner

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