Monday, September 14, 2009

houston halcyon and suede

Another journal entry - age 21

Houston Street

There is definite magic in the air. Yesterday even a warm breeze told me there was magic. Every time I cross Houston into the land of numbers, it’s as if I’m stepping into a Sci-Fi movie. The air is really still; the sky is a giant postcard hanging over the street. The whole street is a postcard. I’m expecting a spaceship to pop into view any moment; I only need to pull the strings in my mind. What really happens is through the breezes. Great Spirit protects me and fairies dance around me—they kiss my cheeks and ask me to sing to them, sometimes they blow melodies into my ears.

I need an image. A combination of Great Spirit, Nymph Magic and Gypsy Soul. I’m transforming my body to be long and lanky, yet still very much female. I want to combine the innocence and playfulness of a child and the sultry power of a strong woman.

Work hard work hard work hard and play easily.

Some leather, some velvet, some leather, some suede. Some feathers, some braids, some silver, some beads. Some boots, some moccasins.

1. Deep feeling for the intentions beneath the surface.
2. Sensual love of the language
3. Sense of elegance
4. Ruthlessness

I invite a world of extreme sensation, a world where body, mind, and soul are unified; where transcendence is achieved. Relax, explore and bliss will be mine.

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