Monday, May 4, 2009

2nd day with no car

I've decided to take a little bit of time before jumping into buying another car. I'm riding my bike now, and, so far, so good. My neck feels a little tired (I got whiplash form the accident that totaled my car), but I am not wearing anything on my back when I ride. I think that helps.

There is a lot of broken glass on Butler Avenue! Yesterday, I rode to New Frontiers and I was amazed at how much glass is on the side of the road. Not cool! I rode on the sidewalk a bit just to avoid glass. Funny thing about Flagstaff, there are sidewalks everywhere, but barely any people use them.

Today I went to Mountain Waves and Dr. Dahl's. Had a very exciting chat with Laura Colvin about the Flagstaff Yoga Festival and the gears are now spinning in my head. A half hour break after this and then, settling in to get moving on my cd project.

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