Monday, April 27, 2009

closing the day

Busy day, though I feel like I should be able to do more.

Started out with a session with my chiro, then the bank - where the tellers always ask me about where i teach yoga. I went to Mountain Waves and has a meeting with Paul and also grabbed info about Mountain Waves to take back to the bank.

Put Spartacus out before I went to the Chiro but he wouldn't come back in, so I left him out. He was fine. Lisa went home and let him in. We were both tired.

Made a phone call about a potential job. Wrote a few short hand-written notes. Looked in the piles of my stuff for stamps. Measured a photograph for framing.

Wanted to organize and put things away. Too tired!

I took a nap. Been super-tired after my chiropractic visits. Trying to use this time to rest - doc doesn't want me teaching for a while, so I hope the resting is healing. I know I am healing, process is slow.

Slept for over an hour, did laundry, went back out. Brought info to the bank. Stopped by Mountain Waves again, made a copy of my passport so Hell's Backbone Grill will pay me. Got groceries. Bought a cutting board and bamboo spoons. Made a salad. Talked with Randy. Went over Lisa's horoscope. Had some laughs. Talked about inviting Stephanie over for dinner.

Got a sunshine message in the mail from my mom. Nice surprise!

Lisa's gone to bed. I am about to do the same.

return phone calls
organize room
a walk
post office

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