Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rainforest Update - notes on October 4, 2008

In Peru, Oil companies are trying to persuade the indigenous people to give up their land for drilling. Amazon Herb Company has helped 13 tribes along the Rio Pisque create a federation - so far 8 tribes are against the drilling.

Amazon Herb Company has been bringing them information to show them what has happened in Ecuador to the land and to tribes that have let oil companies drill.

Oil Companies have to work a lot harder now to get into the rain forest to drill.

ACEER in the rain forest - visited with the Amazon Center of Research and Curricula, so that they can see how the Amazon helped the rest of the world. 17 communities involved. The people are ecstatic about this, they are excited for their future. Learning about the eco-system.

smart, sustainable, business - good work in the rain forest - several links:

new opportunities for extraordinary health - industry is growing as people age and educate themselves and understand the value of organic and natural ingredients rather than synthetics

a chance for people to be able to secure their financial destiny while staying healthy and helping their ones stay healthy. financial security and independence

a cause that respects a healthy planet - people are choosing to buy sustainable and earth friendly products

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