Monday, August 11, 2008

Sangre de Drago, Camu, Fiberzon, Una de Gato, Digestizon, Treasure Tea

Sangre de Drago

reduces pain, inflammation & scarring
strong anti-bacterial
promotes Central Nervous System health
healing effect on gastric ulcers
moves stagnant blood
infection, colitis, chrones, staph

wounds: in base of recovazon gel mix 10-15 drops sangre and pure camu powder – make paste

Pure Camu

regulates acid/alkaline balance
aids in weight loss
helps keep the mind clear and sharp
helps cells manufacture energy (ATP)
decreases muscle damage during exercise
leucine (amino acid in Pure Camu) stabilizes the pancreas
if pancreas breaks down, the muscles don’t work
enhances cell production

Grows underwater – under dirty water with decaying vegetation matter
vitamins and minerals settle down in this water – go into the roots of the tree and to the fruit
rids the body of excess dirty water
deals with dampness

adrenals need Vit. C to function well
adrenals regulate blood sugar and blood pressure
rebuilds adrenals – B1, B2, phosphorus, calcium, amino acids
good for stress

full of trace minerals – endocrine system cannot funtion without them
minerals run every enzyme in the body
no antioxidant will work without trace minerals
minerals are the most important nutrients for the body
we are made of minerals, trace minerals and amino acids

pain modulator – Pure Camu and Recovazon


Establishes environment/terrain of the intestines. Can grow your own probiotics.
After 1 cannister, can digest foods better.

Una de Gato

Soothes stomach irritations
severe bleeding
helps to bring correct info to our bodies
excellent for gastro intestinal tract

Digestive disease : 60-80% of our Immune System is in the Gastro Intestinal tract.
If anything is out of balance with digestion will create imbalance in immune system

Digestazon Plus
Swedish bitters – 16th century – used these herbs for digestion to get the bile flowing
poorly digested food = inflammation
lower bowel gas, heartburn , not breaking down protein
lactic and pyruvic acid build up
metabolic acidosis = lymph congestion – starts by not breaking down foods

Treasure Tea
Whole body supplement
promotes health rather than controls disease
filters liver and kidneys
helps with dehydration
Some herbs in treasure tea:
Jatoba – gives lasting energy
bronchitis & coughing (nourishes yin and drives moisture from the lung)
contains terpines and phenolics
Una de gato – immune boosting, anti-inflammatory
controls stomach irritation and maintains strong digestive system
kidney cleanser
joint pain
Chanca Piedra – diuretic and hypotensive properties
reduces and helps normalize blood glucose
anti-viral components
reduces blood cholesterol and helps the liver (phylianthin and hypophylianthin)


First 3 products of skin care line cleanse the skin:

Facial Cleanser – no foaming agents. something that foams removes the pH barrier of the skin – the membrane. need good fats and acidic pH to keep this barrier.
contains jatoba and stevia (as in our Treasure Tea) and organic essential oils

Exfoliator: Silica crystals from marine algae, trace minerals from botanical alkaline mineral ash and
essentials oils
cleanses, nourishes and balances
(like Fiberzon for the skin)

Mist: una de gato contains oxidole alkaloids – antioxidants – fight free radicals
una de gato also contains glycosides – soothe and refresh the skin
Melissa and Sandalwood essential oils – purify skin and uplifting aroma
hydrates after exfoliation

Last 3 products – treatment:

Camu C Serum – made from same Camu Camu berry as Pure Camu
also contains Sangre de Drago
High Vit. C, powerful antioxidant
stimulates tissue regeneration
promotes development of collagen to diminish fine lines and wrinkles

Deep Nourishing Oil: Burriti Oil holds moisture/nutritive hydration
skin cells are like a bag that holds water; if holes in the bag, water goes right through
depends on the bag
oils, minerals, phospholipids – hold the bag

Replenishing Moisturizer: Passiflora – Passion Flower Seed Oil – rich in Fatty acids
and Vitamins A, B & C – name given by Jesuit monks – smooths down scars
activiates GABA receptors
Samambaia – high phytochemicals
antioxidants come from the middle belt of the world

LLUVIA SKIN CARE nourishes the skin but also gets into the blood stream and cleanses, nourishes
and balances our bodies. Anything you put on the skin gets into the blood stream and goes to your

FOR SUNBURN: Camu C Serum and Recovazon

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