Sunday, June 22, 2008

Amazon Testimonial - stomach issues

Carol is consuming:

Aquazon, Digestazon Plus, Fiberzon, Illumination, Pure Camu, Recovazon and Treasure Tea

and here’s her story in a message addressed to her upline support – Alia Hallowell.

A life long “habit” of nail biting literally ended once I started on the herbs. The urge just completely left and I know it was a nutrient deficiency as I couldn’t overcome that urge no matter what I did. My nails are growing strong and look very good, something I have always wanted.

The herbs are fantastic. It took about three days for me to feel stronger. The pain in my stomach subsided, and the bleeding from my colon has seemingly stopped.

I loved the tea so much from the first cup that I never drank another cup of coffee which I have been drinking my entire life (and wanting very much to get off but couldn’t because I needed the “kick” and it “settled” my stomach). I never had withdrawals and the desire for coffee came only once but lasted a brief moment.

From then on I literally crave the tea. In fact, I have never been able to drink tea before as it always irritated my throat.

What a Godsend this has been for me. I actually have a feeling of wellness for the first time in years.

I feel “normal”. The nagging pain in my stomach to always remind me “there’s something wrong” is for the most part gone.

My stomach feels settled and the inflammation from my colon is much better.

I truly believe God answered prayer in my life. Had it not been for that, I would be in the hospital today on all their horrible drugs.

When I talked with you, I was on the verge of going to the emergency room. I really was beginning to think I had cancer, the pain was getting that intense. Plus the fact that I had that pain for years and I figured it just all caught up with me.

Thank you and Thank God for Amazon Herbs.

Carol K

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