Monday, May 26, 2008

41. riding my bicycle

  • I love riding my bike on a breezy day. I love having time off of wrk. I love blue skies and sunshine. I love thta it’s finally going to get warm here (i think). I love discovering new things all the time. I love kisses and hugs. I love open communication. I love unconditional love. I love that I no longer allow conditional love in my life. I love that my sweetheart is coming here o live close to me! I love blue eyes with blue skies. I love carrot juice. I love garlic and spinach and beets and goat cheese. I love my room mates. I love my friends. I love where I live. I love pine trees and sage and turtle doves. I love the compost bin I built in the backyard with my sweetie last weekend. I love that my room mate loves the compost bin, too.

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