Sunday, May 18, 2008

33. feeling good

  • I love how this list has helped me get out of my winter funk gracefully. I love that it is spring. I love that I went for a walk in the woods and just enjoyed the quiet. I love that I am able to enjoy my life. I love that I went to the store and saw my boss there and we had a pleasant exchange. I love that seeing my boss is a pleasant thing! I love the blue sky. I love that I am just about done building my compost! I love that I will finish building my compost after I am done writing. I love that my sweetheart helped me build the compost—he showed me how it’s done! I love that the people who are in my life care about the environment. I love that I drink treasure tea instead of wine. I love feeling happy and healthy. I love writing, which I am about to do.

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