Saturday, May 10, 2008

25. Sunny Saturday

  • I love henna, what fun. I lve that plants have magical properties. I love Amazon HErbs. I love Randy. I love weekends. I love that I will not have to work for other people forever. I love that there is still snow on the top of Mt. HUmphrey’s, and it’s mid-may. I love that I am going t get a BIG HUG in a few days. I love apples and lemons and limes and rice and beans and greens and spiciness and red hair. I love being able to see! I love that I bought a bike! I love that in a few days I will be riding down the road and getting back into top shape. I love that I am deepening my yoga practice. I love yoga. I love that I can teach yoga. I love feeling healthy and happy. I love being at peace.

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