Sunday, May 4, 2008

19. reiki on waking

*I love technology. I love the Amazon HErb Company. I love LAra Croft. I love that I am true and honest, that I can have a little sunshine in my mind if I choose it, I love Brother JT! I love Randy, I love the possibilities that are befre me, I love the chakras, I love that I am continuing to follow through on my chakra ideas, I love hiking and discovering plants and rocks and petroglyphs and pictographs, I love my girlfriends, I love that I am honest and true, I love that change a little bit everyday, I love that I am in pretty good shape, I love that I can laugh easily and out loud without worrying about the “consequences”, I love books and reading and writing and all the worlds literature has shown me, I love being happy and knowing that it’s ok to be blue sometimes, too

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