Saturday, May 31, 2008

10. letters to the east coast

Just feeling psyched to write letters today! Must be Mercury Retrograde making me feel good about all my pals and the wonderful people who have been great influences in my life.

First Letter:

Dr. Glen Scarpelli and his family at the Madison Wellness Center

Glen was my chiropractor in NYC. He and his wife Patricia run the Madison Wellness Center in mid-town (right at the 6 train and 33rd street). They both helped me so much in changing my life for the better. Totally inspiring. They are angels on earth – NO KIDDING! If you live in NY and are looking for a chiropractor, this is THE PLACE TO GO! You will be blessed in so many ways.

Many of my friends go to see Glen. Also, I hooked up my friend Geordie, and on Monday nights, he has a reiki circle there AND he teaches reiki from levels 1 through MAster. It’s a beautiful vibe. You can find GEordie at

or, call the Madison Wellness Center 212-689-4648

Second Letter:

Jayme Albin, PhD

She is the best therapist! She really helped me tremendously while I was going through a very hard time working in Corporate America with a mean boss, AND, while making the decision to get a divorce. I have so much appreciation and respect for her.

Third letter:


A new Amazon Herb Company Associate. I’m saying “WELCOME!”

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