Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 7 - Mantra break

Took my small mantra beads with me to work. Walked to the courthouse at lunch to file a “No Reponse Default” for my divorce. On the way there I did my mantra and enjoyed a pleasant sunny day.

I was pretty hungry, but decided to take care of business first. It’s about a 15 or 10 minute walk to the courthouse form my job. So, I get there, and the clerk at the window tells me, “Today is actually the 30th day. He has until 5 pm to respond.”

Normally, especially when I am hungry (and also, since I’d called the court to make sure I good to go with the next procedure), I would have been cranky. Instead, i said, “WEll, what’s one more day. Guess i’ll be seeing you tomorrow. Have a good day.”

Then I got lunch.

Anyway, a combo of mantras and sunshine will do a soul some good!

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