Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 1 of 108 mantra repetitions for 108 days

After a while I begin to feel timeless, but my mind still goes. At least I am thinking of good habits: first, 21 days of sun salutations; then, after I complete that and establish a habit, add on 21 days of pranayama-breath of fire, once i complete that, analoma valoma.

I keep seeing in ym mind the chakra workshop going well. I hope it goes well! It will. It is going to go very well. I am envisioning an overwhelming response. It is a very GOOD thing. I am acting on an idea of my own, acting alone. I have no band mates or boyfriends or husband telling me how to do this. I’m just doing it.

I will allow the grace of the goddess to flow through me. Saraswati. Goddess!

Goddess, where will I be in 108 days?

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