Sunday, March 30, 2008

6. Sunday morning

  • I love the Velvet Underground
  • I love that I can have relationships with people that are deep and spiritual and intellectual
  • I love not working
  • I love the Amazon Treasure TEa
  • I love that I am healing and getting better every day
  • I love that beauty is everywhere I look
  • I love that I can enjoy sunshine, snow, and warmh all in one place
  • I love the sound of the ocean
  • I love change
  • I love that I am going home today and am no longer watching my friend’s 2 beagles
  • I love that I feel good
  • I love that the whole day is still ahead of me
  • I love my mantra
  • I love Saraswati
  • I love Randy and our conversations
  • I love that I will very very soon be divorced!

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