Saturday, March 29, 2008

5. Love on a Saturday

I love that I have cool yoga friends
  • I love that I am home and petting my kitty
  • Well, it’s not my kitty, but he’ my buddy
  • I love that it is sunny
  • I love that my layers have grown out enough that I can braid my hair again
  • I love that I jsut taught a yoga class and did just fine
  • I love cashews
  • I love french fries occasioanlly, especially when they are approately spiced
  • I love meows over barks
  • I love that I am flexible
  • I love that it is Speing
  • I love, love , love Randy
  • I love Stephanie
    I love Flagstaff
  • I love living in the Southwest
  • I love singing
  • I love hiking, biking, mountains, the beach, fresh air, pine trees, dirt

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